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Time to Reserve Your Slot

Don’t wait until it’s too late!  There’s plenty of good weather yet to come and the lake level is still up but do make sure your boat has a home for the winter.  Cutwater offers a truly unique facility – this is no ordinary metal building!  Yes, the front wall is insulated metal but the rest of the structure is double-wall with an exterior of precast concrete and a built-up roof.  A typical metal building will cook or freeze a boat which is not good especially for the wooden boats.  Shrink-wrapped outdoor storage has become popular but is not ideal in our humid climate.

We have 30,000 square feet under roof.  Treat your boat to a spot inside this winter and avoid the wear caused by sun, weather, mold and mildew!

Our rates are based on how much space your boat occupies but for simplicity’s sake we’re offering $150 per month up to 24′ with 1 month free for a seasonal (6 month) contract or 2 months free for an annual contract paid up front.  If you have multiple boats or Seadoos to put away we’ll come up with a discounted package rate!

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